"An icon launcher for Plasma, inspired by Nature". To learn more about this project please visit the About page. To get the latest version of Daisy please visit the Download page.


 News (29-Jun-2010): We have moved! Daisy has now moved to a dedicated payed host. This will help us provide a better service, no more bandwidth limitations or big amounts of downtime. Please remember that hosting Daisy will have costs and you are welcomed to contribute to help pay for the expenses by Donating.  




 News (11-Fev-2010): Help keep this project alive by contributing! There are numerous ways to contribute to the Daisy project. These can include translating Daisy to your language, packaging Daisy for you distribution, reporting bugs, coding contributions, making small monetary donations.


News (07-Jul-2009): Daisy Web page aired. The Daisy project has now a Web presence worth mentioning.